Our Philosophy

When Harold Hartzler made the decision in 1964, over fifty years ago, to stop using chemical pesticides, herbicides, and artificial growth hormones on the family farm it was not a marketing decision. He did it because he had witnessed the harmful effect of chemical run-off on a neighboring farm after a storm. If the chemicals used in farming were this harmful to the fields, and those chemicals infiltrated the food chain, then they must also be harmful to humans, he reasoned. It was then that Harold Hartzler set down a basic philosophy that to this day guides the family business. He decided to farm in the most natural way possible, depending on earthworms, air, water and sunshine to nourish the soil. His philosophy is summed up in three simple words:

"As Nature Intended."

Harold's philosophy continues to guide the business today. Hartzler milk is processed in the most minimal way allowed by law. And, as it turns out, medical advances now show us that food in its natural state is far healthier than highly processed foods, including milk.

Hartzler Family Dairy promises to remain true to Harold's philosophy. We also promise to continue to bring you the healthiest, most natural, and tastiest milk possible!

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Hartzler Family

Joe Hartzler

Joe, is married to Jean.  Joe, while no longer milking his own cows works has been a devout follower of his father's organic farming practices.   He currently works with our producer farms as our on farm rep.   

John Hartzler

John is married to Darlene.  John decided to hang up his bib overalls and has retired from farming but continues to work in the business in an advisory role. 

Greg Hartzler

Greg is married to Jill and along with 2 of their sons they operate Hartz-Way farms, a producer farm for the dairy.   Jill also works at the dairy as the Ice Cream Shoppe Manager.

Dan and Janis (Hartzler) Steiner

Janis is married to Dan Steiner.  Janis, after spending many years working as the marketing arm of the dairy has stepped away from that role to spend more time with her grandchildren!   Dan is our production plant manager.  

Jeff Hartzler

Jeff is married to Renee.  Jeff, who farmed with his brother John also has hung up his bib overalls and has retired from farming.  Renee after spending many years working in the ice cream shop has stepped away and is enjoying more time with her family.  

Jerry Hartzler

Jerry is married to Ellie.   Jerry is one of our milk haulers.  He has completed ODA training for testing our milk and assuring that our milk passes our stringent quality standards.

Gene Hartzler

Gene & Patricia Hartzler.  Gene retired from farming in 2007 and worked in numerous aspects of the dairy before retiring in 2015.   His wife, Patricia works in the office and runs the accounting department of the dairy. 

Greg and Joyce (Hartzler) Piatt

Joyce is married to Greg Piatt.  Greg is one of our route delivery drivers and a milk hauler.  Their son Josh also works in the business as a delivery driver.