Additional Testimonials

I've decided to contact you. I'm 66 years old. I've been purchasing your milk from Kroger in the Dayton area. I grew up in an orphanage in Xenia, Ohio. We milked our own cows and yes drank our own milk. I am so happy to have found your milk, it takes me back 50 years to when milk was good. I'm retired and can't buy as much as I like but I sure try, thanks.

Anonymous 12-30-14

We just started purchasing your milk at Remke's Market located on ST RT 125 on the Beechmont Levy in Mt. Washington. We have 3 sons, John, Joe and Jake - two in college and one in high school. Let me tell you that they can put down the milk! I don't mind now since we found your product. Yes, it's more expensive, but it's cheaper than costly medical bills from foods filled with chemicals. When they're all home - we go through four to five bottles per week. Our friends in Chicago have been purchasing bottled milk for years - I've been looking for it and thank goodness I stumbled on yours first. Thank you!

Denise 12-3-14

Just want to thank you for your wonderful milk it tastes like the milk I remember as a kid my dad was a dairy man and I grew up on really great milk it hasn't taste the same for many years until I found your milk it's absolutely wonderful thank you for caring it's not because we're older that everything taste different they've messed with every single food we used to eat.

Elizabeth 11-29-14

I just wanted to let you know that although I am originally from Northern Ohio, I currently reside in Nashville, TN. Since I go home every Christmas to spend the holiday with my family, I got the great pleasure of trying your eggnog for the first time a few years back. I can honestly say as a huge eggnog fan that I have NEVER HAD BETTER EGGNOG THAN HARTZLER'S!!!!!

My brother and sister-in-law came down for Thanksgiving and asked if I needed them to bring anything in particular. Can you guess what I begged for? Not only did I get one bottle but they brought 4!!!! Needless to say we all got into it and now there are only two but I am in Heaven and now, after giving my boyfriend a bottle (I actually shared) he is a huge fan, as well!

Even though I am sad I can't get it down here in Nashville, it's always such a pleasure and a treat to get it when I am up at Christmas. 

Thank you for making such a delicious product and I look forward to drinking Hartzler's eggnog for many years to come!!!!

Bridget 11-29-14  

Hello Hartzler Family Dairy, just wanted to tell you that my son, who has been a chocolate milk connoisseur for over 18 years now has declared yours the "best". I go to our local Anderson's twice a week to stock up on his drink of choice. Keep up the good work.

Karena 10-24-14

I buy your chocolate milk at Whole Foods in Deerfield and I have to say it is by far the best chocolate milk that I have ever had. I always had a theory that chocolate milk from a chocolate company was much better than any other until I had yours. Can't wait till I get my next fix.

Michael S. 10-20-14

I'm so glad I found you and your milk and just found out that you sell at REMKE/Buttermilk Pike in Crescent Springs. I was told, your milk was delivered Tuesdays only as I got there on Wednesday at 9am I could get the last bottle of whole milk! I love it and so does my family! We hope to find more milk in the future, there!

Melanie Busch 8-28-14

I just love your milk and the care you take in giving us such a healthy option the way God intended! I just wish I had found you when my kids were little. Thank you so much for caring!

Joni M. 8-25-14

I want to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy your milk. I have been drinking whole milk since I was a child. I remember that great taste of fresh farm milk and how much I enjoyed it with my meals. Since that time I have yet to find that taste that I enjoyed as a child. I have tried a variety of milk and nothing seems to do it. I was shopping at Acme supermarket in Kent, Ohio and happen to come across your milk. I figured I'd give it a try with not really much hope. After my first glass I was amazed at how good it was it brought back memories and I have been buying ever since. I love the glass bottles which I think also makes a difference, I know it's a little more expensive than the others, but in my eyes well worth it! Thank you so much for your quality product and bringing back a bit of my childhood. 

Nick 8-14-14

We visited Hartzler's on the advice of friends and we are happy we did! My daughter is/was lactose intolerant until we discovered your dairy! She's now able to enjoy milk and ice cream again without repercussions! Hartzler's milk has become a household fixture in our home. We haven't purchased store bought milk in months! We are so fortunate to have you local. Thank you for providing a healthy product!

Celeste 7-8-14

I just wanted to say thank you for the ability to eat ice cream again! I visited the Ice Cream Shoppe for the first time since I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, and was more than pleasantly surprised to find out about the low-pasteurization method. Needless to say, I got three scoops!! I wish I didn't live in Pittsburgh, otherwise I would be visiting on a weekly basis. I missed ice cream more than anything, and Hartzler's Dairy gave me the ability to eat it again with no worries! Thank you!

Lauren (Pittsburgh, PA) 5-21-13

We just started getting Hartzler's milk through Green BEAN Delivery here in Indianapolis, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is! My six year old downed a glass, tipped it bottoms up and asked for more, which she has never done in her life! 

Not only is it wonderful to be able to give my family a great natural product, I really love that you treat animals well and reuse the glass bottles to help the environment. 

It gives me a peace of mind all the way around, and I wanted to say thank you for that!


I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your wonderful milk. We are moving to a healthier diet and while we love milk, I thought it would be difficult to transition to whole milk. While at Kazmaier's Grocery store, I found your milk, saw that it was local and from grass fed cows. It's been years since I've had "real" milk with the cream on top, but we love it! The kids didn't even notice a difference in the taste, and neither did I. They love the glass container....takes me back to the "good old days". Thank you so much for helping me give the very best to my family!

Maria 3-7-13

My daughter attends the College of Wooster and shops at Buehler's. She was curious about the milk that came in the glass jugs and when she discovered that your dairy was Wooster based she made the commitment to purchase your milk. She called me with raves about how delicious it was and purchases a gallon every week. On one of her home visits, she was again telling us how good this milk is. 

We went on your website and found that the Acme market in Broadview Hts carries Hartzler dairy products. I went there myself, purchased a gallon, and now I'm hooked! It tastes like milk USED to taste when I was a real milk!!!!!!

The Acme is not real close to home...not far, but not near either...but it is worth the trip to get the milk. A week or so ago, she called me and told me that the Eggnog was out (we had been waiting...if the milk is so good....the eggnog had to be amazing!).

Today, I just returned from Acme in Broadview Hts, opened the jug...and couldn't believe what I was tasting...the very best eggnog in the whole world!!!! Once again, like eggnog used to taste!!!...with all the individual spices used in eggnog able to be tasted and enjoyed...just AMAZING!!!!!

Thanks again for your wonderful product. We are hooked!!!

Caryn (Parma, OH) 12-9-12

Wow, [Hartzler's milk] tastes like the milk I used to drink as a kid in Scotland. Didn't realize how tasteless other quality milks were till tasted yours. Thanks, great quality product.

Emme 8-9-12

I just bought your milk for the first time recently and WOW is it good. Thanks for selling such great milk!

Ben 7-31-12

I just moved back home to Ohio from Florida, where I oftentimes bought pastures, grass-fed, happy cow's raw milk. Was so happy to go into Whole Foods the other day and saw your glass (NOT plastic) bottles. The milk looked good and tastes delicious! Checked out your website and am happy to see that your cows are pastured, grass fed and happy! Thank you so much for being there for us and them!

Sharon 7-24-12

I just wanted to say that my kids and I love your milk. It's old fashioned and the right way. A friend of min got me hooked on it. My family goes through about 3 gallons of milk a week, so your milk is a treat for us! Thank you for your product! 

Leonard 7-23-12

Hello! My husband's family lives in Akron, Ohio and I was always sure to stop in the market to pick up a couple of gallons of your chocolate milk on our trips. I love the stuff, hands down the best (including comparing to Snowville and Trader's Point...which are also very delicious.)

I'm so happy to have seen your products on Green Bean Delivery when I started ordering a couple months ago and then I've seen you in Picnic 'n Pantry as well as Hyde Park Biggs. Very glad for your success and am happy for all the new customers who will get to know your fine product! Wishing you further luck and thanks for a wonderful product! P.S. Do you have any stickers for my cars bumper so that I can do some free advertising to represent my favorite dairy?

Alicia (Cincinnati, OH) 7-23-12

Hi! I discovered your milk a few months ago and LOVE being able to drink milk again without intestinal problems. Thank you for doing the right thing for your animals and us humans!

Laura 7-2-12

I'm 64 years old, and have been lactose intolerant for nearly 50 years. Over the years, I lost my taste for milk. However, my wife and son love milk, and drink a lot of it. (For the past several years, it has been Hartzler's, and ONLY Hartzler's!)

But I disgress.

Sometime ago, I got a newsletter from the dairy that reported on several lactose-intolerant people who discovered that they could drink Hartzler's. The newsletter reported that the likely reason they could is that Hartzler's is not homogenized. As such, the milk fat is not absorbed as it is with homogenized milk. Instead it is (Oh, what's the word...? Oh yeah!) DIGESTED. Well, that was my cue to try an experiment on myself. I decided to try to drink a large glass of milk. And NOT the fat free Hartzler's we usually buy, but WHOLE MILK. The result? NOTHING! No problem at all! I still have no real love of milk. But the experiment was a real eye-opener, proving to be that progress [sic] like homogenization isn't actually progress. You Hartzler folks should be darned proud to make such a fine product. Just try not to get TOO cocky about it!

Mark 6-1-12

I just want to let you know that I discovered your butter at the Mountain People's Co-op in Morgantown, WV and haven't bought butter at the grocery store since. Yours is SO much better, it's like the difference between butter and margarine (ICK!). When I put it in my hot cast iron skillet, it melts without burning. The flavor is fresh, with no hint of the decay that I now taste in store butter and didn't even notice. I wish I lived closer so we could get your milk and ice cream, as well! You're doing good. Thank you.

Deborah (West Virginia) 5-14-12

Thank you for the great milk! In the past few years it has become more important to me to buy things made in the United States and as local as possible. More recently I've been trying to live and eat healthier. It means a great deal to me that you are here in Ohio and not far from me, that you treat your cows so well, that you aren't using artificial hormones, that you put the milk in glass. Yours is the only milk I buy now. I'll look for your butter too and you can bet I'll be by soon for some ice cream! I am so happy I found your milk!

Bob 3-18-12

I just recently purchased your milk for the first time and I love it! It is the first time I had milk that wasn't ultra pasteurized. I love seeing the cream on top. I am only 34 and have never seen that before. I'm sold on your milk and will continue to purchase it. Thanks for selling a quality natural product. I will definitely tell others about you! Thanks for caring about your cows and us people!

LaVonna 2-22-12

We love Hartzler's! You're a true blessing. My husband had a terrible time with congestion especially at night. We tracked it down to ultra-pasteurized milk. Since making the switch from very expensive organic to Hartzler's his congestion is gone. Thanks for your standards and your exceptional quality. We highly recommend you. 

Larry and Linda (Rittman, OH) 2-18-12

Hi, I was recently looking for all natural non homogenized milk and I stumbled upon yours at my local Buehlers. I did not think I could find it anywhere around where I live so when I found your milk I was very happy. After tasting your whole milk I will never drink processed homogenized milk again. Thanks for providing natural milk that taste unbelievably good!

Ryan 2-15-12

I love your milk and the delicious cream on top...its the only milk I'll drink. I used to drive an extra 80 miles to get it..true too...used to drive to the Raisin Rack in Westerville. 40 miles from from here each way and 80 miles round trip. Now Giant Eagle has it so its only 14 milks round trip to get it. WE ALL MUST SUPPORT THE FAMILY FARM! AND SMALL BUSINESSES! which is why I was driving so far and would continue to do so if I have to.

Randy (Groveport, OH) 2-13-12

Love your milk! Love that you have not messed around with the organic certification. Love the grass fed component. Love the fact that you have been farming this way for a while. Love the fact that all your milk comes from your place and lastly, the glass bottles! and your price is great! The local store, Cornell's in Huron, recently started carrying it and I sure hope it continues!

I forgot to add that it tastes great!!!! Unlike other milk sold in stores, even the organic, your milk has flavor.

Brian (Huron, OH) 2-12-12

It is true we are truly blessed to have access to your products right here in our own back yard. My daughter Cameryn is another story of success when it comes to Hartzler's products. She is six years old and has suffered from severe dairy intolerance since she was an infant. She also has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and calcium intake is very important for her. We noticed about 2 years ago that when we came to Hartzler's for ice cream she would actually ask for her own and finish it all, she also accidentally had some chocolate milk we were prepared to pay dearly for when stomach pain set in but surprisingly nothing! She can happily consume your milk and ice cream with no ill effects to her system. She is your six year old walking billboard always telling everyone to come to Hartzler's cause they have the best ice cream and milk! Thank you for producing such quality products that allow my girl to experience a "normal" childhood! You are our only summer stop when ice cream is in order!

Heather 1-27-12  

Your eggnog has the most incredible taste. When drinking it I'd swear it came directly from the cow that way! It has a freshness I have never found in any other brand of eggnog - ask my family, every year I buy a few brands in an attempt to find a favorite. I like it thicker like custard eggnog.

This year I also tried Trader Joe's eggnog and though it was not as thick it had a pleasing taste so I bought a few cartons. Every other carton was not as good as the first, some had stronger spice blend some weaker.

Your eggnog was perfect in every bottle. I will look forward to October for the rest of my life and will never purchase any other brand - I found my ultimate eggnog and it's Hartzler's!

I will be making extra room in my fridge early on so next November I have some eggnog left for New Years next time around. Guess lots of folks found out how fantastic it tastes this past time, I was glad I rationed what I purchased for Christmas so when my parents visited for New Year's weekend we were able to treat them to the best.

Sabra 1-26-12

We have just started buying your 2-lb rolls of butter through Green B.E.A.N. delivery. I just wanted to tell you how much we like it. Thank you!

Heather 1-17-12

I just have to say, you stand for everything I look for when it comes to milk and the environment. Low temperature pasteurization, not homogenized, and you reuse (not recycle!) glass bottles. Your milk is the only milk I will drink!

Mark 1-3-12

Thank you so much for making the holiday awesome with the most delicious egg nog ever made! I bought a bottle, had one glass, then went back to the store to get 2 more bottles before the store sold out. Next holiday season can't come soon enough!

Xan 1-3-12

When the clerk said, "That egg nog in the glass bottles is the best ever!" we went to the dairy department. We decided to try Hartzler Family Dairy's delightful and distinguished brand! It's the only egg nog that doesn't 'burn' going down! I think I'm sold for life! Thanks, you're the best!

Pat 12-7-11

I look forward to the holidays every year because I know that eggnog is right around the corner :) It's soooooo good!!!

Casey 11-23-11

You have the best whole milk that I have ever tasted! I love the cream on top! Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.

We just moved so glad you have milk in Gambier Ohio which is close to us.

Carol (Gambier, Ohio) 10-2-11

I have a friend from Rocky River, Ohio who will only drink your milk!!!!!! Anyway, I wanted to say that I so much appreciate your dedication to producing and offering people a natural, healthy product; it means a lot.

Debra (Orrville, Ohio) 8-14-11

I just tried your whole milk and loved that "the cream rises to the top"! It immediately reminded me of when I was a child, and my grandmother's milk deliveryman would arrive with milk in the glass bottles with a paper stopper. It was delicious, and yours is just like the milk I remember. :)

Lately I've been getting the creeps thinking about all of the things that are added to milk or given to the cows. Factory farming is endangering humans, I think. You are doing the right thing.

I also wanted to let you know what I do with your eggnog at Christmas time.

I have a KitchenAid mixer, and have the ice cream-maker bowl attachment. I simply pour in your eggnog "as is" and make ice cream out of it! After all, the basic ingredients for ice cream are the same as the ingredients for eggnog, really. The eggnog makes a delicious ice cream just by itself, because it's so thick, and you can add mix-ins, such as chocolate chips.

Cindy 8-2-11

I've known about Hartzler Dairy milk since my daughter was just one year old. She didn't drink cow's milk very readily, and she didn't sleep through the night. My brother had told that when his son was the same age and also not drinking milk or sleeping all night, they started giving him Hartzler Dairy milk, and overnight, he was a new kid. He loved the milk and slept much better and seemed to even be less fussy overall (in hindsight, it was probably because non-homogenized milk is more easily digested). My brother's testimonial was convincing, but Hartzler Dairy milk wasn't available in my grocery store at the time, so I rarely had the chance to make a special trip to get it. A few years passed, and during that time, my sister and her "milk-loving" husband became hooked on Hartlzer Dairy milk because of it's superior taste, but Hartzler Dairy milk was still very difficult for me to get because it wasn't at my grocery store. I continued to ask my grocery store to carry it, but in the meantime, I bought standard "organic" milk and continued to research the many benefits of non-homogenized, slow-pasteurized dairy products. So, when I saw Hartzler Dairy bottles in our organic dairy case a few weeks ago, I practically started jumping up and down the isle. 

I brought home the Hartzler Dairy milk, not knowing what response I would get from my two daughters (who both adamantly refused to drink plain milk, and would only drink "vanilla" milk instead). When my 4-year old tried it for the first time (after gulping down the entire glassful), she said, "Mmmmm. Mommy, can I please have more of that yummy milk???" I hadn't even told her it was a different kind of milk. She noticed that Hartzler Dairy milk tasted better on her very own!

Since then, she has continued to ask for the "yummy" milk, even saying, "don't add any vanilla to it. I just want the yummy milk plain. You can only add vanilla to the milk that comes out of the cartons." My 2-year old has also been drinking the Hartzler Dairy milk with enthusiasm. I haven't put vanilla in their milk since I switched to Hartzler Dairy milk, and to this day, my older daughter still refers to Hartzler Dairy milk as the "yummy milk". 

I will be making my own yogurt and ice cream with the Hartzler Dairy milk, as well.

Who knew that I could be so excited about something as simple as milk?

Dianne ( North Canton, Ohio) 5-13-11

Your milk is the only milk I drink. It is the only milk that doesn't upset my stomach. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for your time and your great product. It's nice to have milk I can drink. All my best. 

Nick 4-21-11

We are a huge fan of your current products. Side Note: My son LOVES egg nog and we had Hartzler egg nog for the first time in 2010. It is now his favorite. Really once you try it, you'll never go back to any to any other brand! I think he would have drank a whole bottle in one sitting if I would have let him. I had to limit him to one bottle a week. 

Andrea 3-23-11

I get your milk from Heinen's and I just wanted to tell you that I love the Whole Milk! I have missed buying milk in the old glass bottles and then to scoop the cream off the top and eat it -- so delicious! 

Richard (Lorain, Ohio) 3-1-11

We LOVE your milk and get it at the Kent Co-op. We hadn't been drinking milk for years and we have learned to love the taste again -- great hot chocolate! We're 66 and 72 and we love your 2% milk with the cream on top. I'll look for the butter and ice cream now. 

Sandy and Henry (Kent, Ohio) 2-26-11

Just want to tell you how happy I am that I found your milk at Buehler's in Medina. It tastes so great and like milk is supposed to taste! I remember this taste from my childhood and have not found it anywhere else that I have bought milk. Thank you for your natural production of milk and your concern for our well-being and our eco-system. 

Barbara (Medina, Ohio) 1-25-11

Loved your Egg Nog this Holiday Season! Finished it off in my coffee, yummy.

Karen 1-12-11

Just wanted to say how great your milk is! In fact we had a boyscout den meeting at our house and one of their requirements was to learn about milk... We took that opportunity to share the wonderful milk that we enjoy by buying Hartzlers! We talked about the unique pasteurization process, the fact that is local, the jar can be recycled and the milk is hormone free! We also let everyone taste the BEST chocolate milk ever made :)!  Everyone really enjoyed it! Thanks again for a great product! 

Bezek Family 1-11-11

My Grandmother and sister live in West Virginia and I took them some eggnog for Christmas and now they want to try your milk. In her 76 years, yours is the best eggnog my Grama has ever had =)

I will add that some eggnogs have a tendency to upset her stomach a little but she had absolutely no trouble with yours, in addition to it being the tastiest. 

Nicky 1-3-11

My 13-year old sister and I are eggnog fanatics! Come every November we seldom have anything less than 2 bottles/cartons of egg nog in the refrigerator at any time and have been relentlessly-searching for that perfect egg nog. After what seems like dozens of brands and flavors, this year, we found it! Hartzler egg nog has proudly become "ours". The texture, color, incredible creaminess, and the bottles are irresistible! Thanks for the obvious care and commitment you give your milk and egg nog and to your customers. Looking forward to trying your other products too!

Patrik 12-31-10

I get your eggnog and milk and whatever else I can get with the Hartzler name on it from Giant Eagle. I love your products. It reminds me when the milkman use to come and deliver the milk in the glass bottles. Please keep up just doing what you are doing because it all tastes so good.

Virginel 12-30-10

My Uncle bought some of your Egg Nog by accident and brought it for our Christmas celebration. I have to say this is the best I have ever tasted. It was smooth and creamy but not too thick. Wonderful! I hope next year I can talk him into bringing it on purpose. Thank you.

Kelly 12-29-10

I just love your products! I am a whole milk and chocolate milk drinker and think they are just great! I love the full fat! I also like that you use low temperature pasteurization because it is easier to digest. Milk that is ultra-pasteurized tastes like chalk and water compared to your milk! Thank you!

Andrew (Upper Arlington, Ohio) 12-28-10

I couldn't believe how much cream was on top of the 2% milk. Our family just started buying it from the Dorothy Lane Market store and we love it! I gave my 2 year old daughter some of the chocolate milk and then asked her if I could try it and she would tell me "Mine Mommy Mine". I couldn't get it away from her.

Ashley (Dayton, Ohio) 12-24-10

I have been driving to Ashland Buehlers to buy your milk and it is just so good. We love your products. The last time I was in Buehler's I saw your eggnog and knew it was from Hartzler's that it'd be great. I consider myself an eggnog aficionado, as I could drink eggnog all year around, and let me just say that yours by far is the best that I have ever had! I even want to come down and make a special trip to your ice cream shoppe in Wooster! Thanks for your wonderful products. 

Anita (Butler, Ohio) 12-21-10

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful products. I was urged by one of the folks at Motts Bulk Food store east of Louisville, Ohio to try your butter for cooking and baking. I had used several different kinds of butter, and while yours was a bit more expensive..I am now totally sold on your brands.. I was doing a lot of holiday baking and needed about 2 pounds of butter, your roll did the trick.. I can taste the difference in my cookies and other baked goods. Thank you again for keeping it real and natural. 

William (Louisville, Ohio) 12-11-10

I just wanted to thank you for a superior product. I make my own kefir and I have never had the grains thrive like they have while using your milk. The taste is unparalleled and now I know there is a safe, nutritious alternative for when I begin to wean my daughter from breast milk. I love your butter too! It's the quality of butter Julia Child would use! I've been telling all my friends to get your milk, especially those with children. Did you know that a girl's lifetime risk of breast cancer is cut in half if she consumes sufficient amounts of CLA before puberty? I feel good knowing that your milk and butter provide that nutrient to my daughter. Thanks again. 

Kate 12-8-10

This is the most delicious milk I have ever had the pleasure of drinking! Unless I buy my own cow, I will be a customer for life!

Patrick 11-29-10

Our family recently moved to Wooster, and I purchased your whole milk for the first time. We absolutely love it. We are so very concerned about the added hormones in dairy products, especially for our son who is only 1 year and just starting to eat dairy products, so I just wanted to say Thanks!

Cyndi (Wooster, Ohio)

I was so excited to finally find milk in glass jugs during my last trip to Giant Eagle in Columbus. Your milk is so worth the few extra dollars. I am pleased to be able to buy milk that is healthier and better for the environment. Please do not stop providing Columbus with this wonderful product. After only one jug of your milk, I am hooked for life! Thank you!

Veronica (Columbus, Ohio)

So I decided about a month ago to purchase your white milk while I was shopping at Heinen's Rocky River. It has a creamy taste...just what it looks like. So, this past Sunday I thought I would try the chocolate milk. It tastes even better than your white milk, mmmmmmm, so creamy and chocolaty. My daughter walked in the kitchen and had to try it also. She said, "Mom you better hide it from Paul (my husband) or he will drink the whole bottle!" Well, I am not going to tell you if I hid it from view in the refrigerator but I will tell you it is a real treat. You have delicious milk and the fact that it is wholesome and a local farm prompts me to continue purchasing your "dreamy" milk.

Sheila (Rocky River, Ohio)

I love Hartzler's Ice Cream! I usually don't eat dairy products because I'm lactose intolerant, but I eat Hartzler's because it doesn't bother me. It's absolutely deliciously wonderful!


My sister, husband, and I all thought we had lactose allergies until we used your products!


I'm drinking milk again thanks to you. I used to get severe intestinal upset. We get our milk at Nature's Bin in Lakewood. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. It is good to drink milk in glass again. 


For years now my body has reacted strongly to milk products and I came to a point where I just wouldn't consume them. I visited my daughter in Ohio and thought I would experiment with Hartzler Milk and drank it for five days with absolutely no side effects. I would recommend it to anyone who is lactose intolerant. 

Paul (Colorado)

Thanks for your excellent milk. I purchased whole milk from Kreiger's in Cuyahoga Falls. It stood out from the rest with its glass bottle and the local identification. It's unbelievably better than what I was drinking before!

Brian (Stow, Ohio)

I buy your milk from Brunswick's Buehler's. I was down to skim milk and still having gas problems (even with horizon and other organics) when I saw your milk. My mother used to give us nonhomogenized/non-pasteurized milk when we were I figured what the heck I'll try your milk...which I did. Well my mom spots it in my fridge and 1) whats to know where I got it   2) and why am I buying skim I should be buying whole. Figured what the heck, I have never like whole milk, but why not try it? It's better for you anyway. I am drinking whole milk for the first time in my life. My grandson constantly asks for the creamy milk. He notices the difference AND its a better price than the other organics...AND its local!!! WHOO HOO. Seriously, if you guys EVER start to home deliver sign me up!! Thank you for a wonderful product. 

Nancy (Brunswick, Ohio)

I tried your milk and it taste like back in Europe (Slovakia). I love that the cream rises to the top. I have been here for 8 years already and couldn't find milk like that and now I finally did. I would love to try butter also because I miss butter from back home. Everything here is much different. Thank you. 

Daniel ( Amherst, Ohio)

I was thrilled to find your website today. I can't believe I have lived so near to your fabulous dairy all my life, but was not familiar with it. I have told my children so often of the wonderful cream top high butterfat milk in glass bottles that our milkman delivered to my home when I was young. Because of YOU, I can now show them what a fabulous difference there is in the taste of quality dairy products.

In reading your family member stories I was reminded of my own father. How I wish he was still alive and could talk to your dad. My father had a perpetual "green thumb". He loved the land and was raised on a farm. In addition to the wonderful hothouse tomato crops he nurtured, we had a huge family garden and a vegetable stand out front to keep us busy every spring and summer. It was a wonderful, healthy way to be raised! I can't tell you how happy it made me to see that such men and such families still exist in our fast-food chemical infested world. I pray your family business continues to prosper and grow. God Bless you!

Norma (Columbia Station, Ohio)

I just want to say thanks for offering such a wonderful product. I have been using one of the organic "ultra pasteurized" products but now will switch to Hartzler, which I can purchase at Heinen's. I like shopping locally, and I like the fact that many of the enzymes are preserved in your milk. And most important to me: It's a healthy choice and you treat your cows humanely. 'nuff said!


I wanted to tell you how much I love Hartzler Dairy Milk! It's so fresh and has a great taste compared to any other milk I have tried before! I refuse to buy milk from cows treated hormones (I can tell the difference in my body!), and I think it's important to support local farmers.


I just wanted to say thank you for your delicious milk! I am not a milk drinker, but last week while shopping at Heinen's I saw the old-fashioned glass milk bottle and that was truly what made me give it a try. My husband and I both absolutely love it!! We are going to spread the word to our children for our grandchildren - they will be amazed that this is what milk is supposed to taste like!!


My oldest son is 12 and he has never been able to drink cows milk. We started raising dairy goats 11 years ago so that he could have milk. One winter we did not have sufficient milk saved, so we tried Hartzler's milk. And he had no problem with it. Hartzler milk has been a blessing to our family when our milk production is low, because dairy is an important part of our dietary requirements. 


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you do not homogenize your milk and that you use glass bottles! I am 88 years old and I loved getting our milk from the milkman with the cream on top. In the winter it would freeze and stick to the cap and I am just so thankful that you continue to leave your milk non-homogenized. Plus, it is so much healthier!

Carol (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

I was surprised when I opened a bottle of your whole milk...I thought the bottle was just a marketing I open and started to pour...nothing...I thought there must be an inner seal... no it was CREAM!!!

You don't know how happy you made an old lady...this is what I've been telling my son about for years...milk the way I knew as a child! You have a customer for life. 


I've been buying your milk since Acme in North Canton started carrying it. I've also been enjoying your eggnog every year. It's better than my grandmother's!!! Thank you so much for making this wonderful, smooth, creamy product every holiday season! Nobody does it better than you!

Bonnie (North Canton, Ohio)

I was visiting my daughter in Cleveland, OH, a couple of weeks ago, and she had your 2lb. butter. Never have I had such a divine, delicious, perfect butter in my life. Eating your butter on fresh baked bread, potatoes, and more fresh baked bread was one of the major highlights of my visit to Ohio. I am so thankful that my daughter and her family are able to have access to your butter. Thank You!!!!


Just a thank you....I'm on my 3rd bottle of 2% milk and I have to say it is amazing. I switched because I am trying to eat healthier cutting our factory farm meats, eggs and milk, along with all the antibiotics and pesticides. My first bottle of Hartzler's milk and I was blown went fast. Also thank you for the glass bottle we can return. That's the way things should be to help reduce and recycle-you get it-anyhow, thanks again. Consider me a lifer with your product! I will drink it as long as its around.


Just wanted to let you know, my family loves your milk!!! It is worth the money for a quality product. I drive a 1/2 hour to the store just to buy it. I cringe at the thought of drinking any other. Many Blessings.


Hi and Happy New Year. I am 70 years old and this past week I purchased for the first time a bottle of your holiday eggnog. I will tell you that it was the finest eggnog I have ever drank in my 70 years. Thanks!

Danny (Toledo, Ohio)

Today I had something that reminded me of being a kid, and that is your milk. My wife's mother had some and shared it with us. I tell you what, your milk is the best! I am a big milk drinker and having yours reminded me of when my dad used to get milk from his friend's farm. The glass bottle is just awesome, the taste is just awesome. It was a real treat, sadly the nearest place I can tell that has it is still a fair drive away. I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a great product and keep up the great work and you can bet, the next time I am able to get some of that milk I am going to fill our fridge with it! Thanks again.